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 سلسلة جميع افلام فان ديزل Vin Diesel بجودة DVDRip + السيرة الذاتية

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عضو في السليم
عضو في السليم

عدد الرسائل: 238
تاريخ الميلاد: 15/04/1986
العمر: 28
الحالة: عـــــــــايش
Loisirs: كلمه إنسان خدع نفسه وخدع الآخرين بها
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تاريخ التسجيل: 18/09/2009

مُساهمةموضوع: سلسلة جميع افلام فان ديزل Vin Diesel بجودة DVDRip + السيرة الذاتية   18/9/2009, 12:11

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة


Date of Birth
18 July 1967, New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name
Mark Sinclair Vincent

6' (1.83 m)

Vin Diesel was raised by his astrologer/psychologist mother and
adoptive father in an artist's housing project in New York's Greenwich
Village, never knowing his biological father. His first break in acting
happened by chance, when at the age of seven he and his friends broke
into a theatre to vandalize it. A woman stopped them and offered them
each a script and $20, on the condition that they would attend everyday
after school. From there, Vin's fledgling career progressed from the
New York repertory company run by his father, to the Off-Off-Broadway
circuit. At 17 and already sporting a well-honed physique, he became a
bouncer at some of New York's hippest clubs to earn himself some extra
cash. It was at this time that he changed his name to Vin Diesel.

Following high school, Vin enrolled as an English major at Hunter
College, but dropped out after three years to go to Hollywood to
further his acting career. Being an experienced theatre actor did not
make any impression in Hollywood and after a year of struggling to make
his mark, he returned to New York. His mother then gave him a book
called "Feature Films at used Car Prices" by Rick Schmidt. The book
showed him that he could take control of his career and make his own
movies. He wrote a short film based on his own experiences as an actor,
called Multi-Facial (1999), which was shot in less than three days at a
cost of $3,000. Multi-Facial (1999) was eventually accepted for the
1995 Cannes Film Festival where it got a tumultuous reception.

Afterwards, Vin returned to Los Angeles and raised almost $50,000
through telemarketing to fund the making of his first feature, Strays
(1997). Six months after shooting, the film was accepted for the 1997
Sundance Film Festival, and although it received a good reception, it
didn't sell as well as hoped. Yet again Vin returned disappointed to
New York only to receive a dream phone call. Steven Spielberg was
impressed by Multi-Facial (1999) and wanted to meet Vin, leading him to
be cast in Saving Private Ryan (1998). Multi-Facial (1999) earned Vin
more work, when the director of The Iron Giant (1999) saw it and
decided to cast Vin in the title role. From there, Vin's career has
steadily grown, with him securing his first lead role as 'Richard B
Riddick' in the sci-fi film Pitch Black (2000). That role has earned
him a legion of devoted fans and the public recognition he deserves.

Personal Quotes:

"Well, I've worked out for years. For a long time it was my only sense of gratification

I would get into fights with other bouncers when a guy was already on
the floor and the other guys thought it was alright to jump up in the
air and land on the guy's head."


The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) $11,500,000
A Man Apart (2003) $2,500,000
The Fast and the Furious (2001) $2,000,000
Saving Private Ryan (1998) $100,000


تحميل جميع افلام النجم Vin Diesel

أول افلامه Strays 1997 : نادر جداً جداً

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rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/11027127...art04.rar.html
rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/11027376...art05.rar.html
rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/11027385...art06.rar.html
rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/11028136...art07.rar.html
rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/11028358...art08.rar.html
rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/11028390...art09.rar.html
rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/11033086...art10.rar.html
rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/11032954...art11.rar.html
rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/11032953...art12.rar.html
rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/11032952...art13.rar.html

Pass: cacper

Saving Private Ryan 1998

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rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/20430714...TuM.part09.rar
rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/20310248...TuM.part10.rar

Boiler Room 2000



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rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/88293225..._CD2.part1.rar
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rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/88400900..._CD2.part7.rar
rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/88408066..._CD2.part8.rar

Pitch Black 2000


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The Fast and the Furious 2001


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Knockaround Guys 2001


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rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/28957131...uys.part09.rar

Pass: groundserver

xXx 2002


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rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/14063195...by.R.part7.rar
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A Man Apart 2003


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The Chronicles of Riddick 2004


rapidshare.com rapidshare.com/files/12256233...XviD.part1.rar
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Pass: ToRN

The Chronicles Of Riddick: Dark Fury


[u]صوت فقط !


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The Pacifier 2005


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Find Me Guilty 2006

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Babylon A.D - 2008

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سكرتيره دودي ومراقبه عـام المنتدي ومشرفه قسم افتح قلبك وقسم القصص والرويات الطويله

عدد الرسائل: 4773
تاريخ الميلاد: 04/08/1990
العمر: 23
نشاط العضو:
77 / 10077 / 100

تاريخ التسجيل: 26/07/2007

مُساهمةموضوع: رد: سلسلة جميع افلام فان ديزل Vin Diesel بجودة DVDRip + السيرة الذاتية   23/9/2009, 06:49

بجد مجهود رائع
تسلم ايدك

الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة اذهب الى الأسفل
عضو في السليم
عضو في السليم

عدد الرسائل: 238
تاريخ الميلاد: 15/04/1986
العمر: 28
الحالة: عـــــــــايش
Loisirs: كلمه إنسان خدع نفسه وخدع الآخرين بها
نشاط العضو:
0 / 1000 / 100

تاريخ التسجيل: 18/09/2009

مُساهمةموضوع: رد: سلسلة جميع افلام فان ديزل Vin Diesel بجودة DVDRip + السيرة الذاتية   26/9/2009, 03:45

شكرا على المرور الطيب
الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة اذهب الى الأسفل

سلسلة جميع افلام فان ديزل Vin Diesel بجودة DVDRip + السيرة الذاتية

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